Treaty 6 Time by Jennifer Claire Robinson

Rivers by Jennifer Claire Robinson

I have been thinking a lot about rivers. Of the movement of rivers. About the marks that rivers leave on the landscape. I have been reflecting on the ways rivers connect people, places, and things. Of the way that rivers can carry us somewhere; somewhere new, somewhere that we need to get to.   As […]

Ayumi Goto wearing Buffalo-Boy Mask at the "Art + Reconciliation" MOOC intensive,  Thompson Rivers University, 2013.

Perspectives on O k’inadas// Losing privilege, protecting spaces for growth, and the life of the grad student by Aaron Franks

Aaron Franks (AF): What is this space in the Intensive allowing artists and allies to do that had not been available or possible before? Maybe in general and also specifically in relationship to reconciliation. Ashok Mathur (AM): Ok, earlier you mentioned privilege, which is a very important thing to think about in academia. And I […]

Willard's "#haunted_hunted" is part of her BUSH Gallery exhibition.

Perspectives on O k’inadas// Critical relationships by Aaron Franks

Aaron Franks (AF): David [Garneau] said over dinner ‘the land doesn’t speak.’ I paraphrase here a bit, but he shared his ideas about how social relationships—interpersonal relationships, intergenerational relationships—those are the relationships that transmit information about us and the land. He doesn’t feel the phrase “the land speaks to me” has any meaning, or maybe […]


Perspectives on O k’inadas// Reconceiving Indigenous Studies (and gaming the academy) by Aaron Franks

Steven Loft (SL): What might be interesting for you to talk about is that there’s a huge pedagogical shift and there’s a lot—maybe way too much—of rolling around this idea of Indigenizing the academy. But what does decolonization really mean when we drill down into this idea of pedagogy? Are there ways that we can really bring […]

Carmen Papalia, Blind Field Shuttle, 2016, Kelowna, BC, walking tour duration varies.

Blind Field Shuttle

Carmen Papalia is a non-visual artist whose social practice includes engaging participants in exercising their other-than-visual senses. Blind Field Shuttle, for example, is an eyes-closed walking tour in which the artist leads up to forty people on a ramble through natural or urban settings. Participants are coached, and then arranged in a line, their right hand on […]


Summer Intensive, 2016

Creative Conciliations has supported the UBCO Summer Indigenous Intensive since 2014, providing funding for projects, artists, and research assistants. This past summer was entitled: O k’inādās // complicated reconciliations: an artist residency The k’inādās artist collective acknowledges an award received from the {Re}conciliation initiative with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the J.W. […]

Pedagogy of Place — UBCO Summer Indigenous Intensive, 2015

The 2015 Summer Indigenous Intensive course at UBC-Okanagan is entitled Pedagogy of Place, and focusses on differing ways to encounter space/place in Indigenous contexts. Many guests, many faculty visits, many thoughts circulating! Tannis Monkman Nielsen, course coordinator of Pedagogy of Place. David Garneau visits Indigenous summer residency to work with Westbank community. Peter Morin and […]


Books from #decolonizemyheart

This is the process. Peter Morin finds books all over the place  some in 2nd hand shops some gifted some found  they all represents some form of excessive typing, racist assumptions, painful connections that make assumptions on  Indigeneity and construction of identity  he collects them  he washes them with a group of others young and old […]