Ready to heart-decolonize

heart-decolon2Almost ready to get ready to ready ourselves for this project, #decolonizemyheart. This will be a project led by Tahltan performance artist Peter Morin, a residency culminating in a four-


hour act at the Mackenzie Gallery in Regina. Part of the larger project “Moving Forward, Never Forgetting,” curated by Michelle Lavalee and David Garneau, the heart/root of the performance will be to salvage, cleanse, and honour books that reflect the ugly histories of colonization, books which arguably enter our bloodstream, our pores, and our hearts. So in order to address such a large terrain, my response to Morin’s project will be one of memes and memories. Using the hashtag #decolonizemyheart and social media instruments such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and blogs, the hope/aspiration is to re-represent criticality in the context of art that performs a social action.