In Regina #decolonizemyheart

peter-blue morin-monotone

The performance by Peter Morin, today. Right now he is about to give a talk, Art for Lunch at the University of Regina, home for artist/curator/critic David Garneau, who


is co-curating the Moving Forward, Never Forgetting show at the Mackenzie Gallery. Funnily enough, as we prepare for this, Garneau and I were talking about grad schools and art, and David says he wants me to pitch UBCO and its MFA program to his 4th year students, which I’m always glad to do. Hope i convinced some to come on in! I’ve tapped in a collage of Peter’s racist books, drawn from posts he’s been uploading to facebook for the past little while. Here in Regina, he does workshops with folks who want to work with him on this decolonizingmyheart project. What will happen? He tells us he will wash the books. He tells us he will cleanse them. He tells us some folks have trouble that he is doing this to books, but he says he doesn’t want to hurt the books but to change the books, what they mean, and how they can change just as we can. This is the project.